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Client Beta [27]

PostPosted: Thu Dec 24, 2009 4:50 am
by Toastercup
Hi guys! Great news!

I've already got the main server running some new bugfixes and changes, and the client is next :D
v8 is right around the corner!

Tell me what things you'd like fixed or added, and I'll see what I can do.

You all deserve a little something!
I'm releasing a beta. This beta has MP3/OGG support, lots of bugfixes, and the planning in place for an email verification system. The filesize has also been cut in HALF by cleanups to code and other numerous tweaks. Tell me if you run into any problems!
Just put this in your /Program Files/Steel Warrior/ directory and go! :3 Make SURE (!!!) your client is COMPLETELY up to date before you try this. AKA the login screen must look like parchment, not grey.

Beta 2 is released! This updates fmod to the newest version, removes flash support, and has a couple bugfixes.

Beta 3 is released! This contains an important update for mappers.

Beta 4 is released! This contains a reversion to the older fmod dll. NEW IN THIS VERSION: New GUI! Please DELETE your /GUI/ folder in your /Steel Warrior/ directory, and unzip this file into your /Steel Warrior/ directory. Screenshots below! :3

Beta 5
Lots of new stuff here! Remember how choppy animations were while walking? Now we utilize all 3 frames of animation for sprites! Choppy-no-more.
In addition, we have a rather shoddy-looking 'online guild members' feature. It'll be made to look better in the next beta (right now it's a button off to a corner).
I've, once again, moved the fmod version back up. Can't figure out why some users are crashing with it. If you get the error, please let me know.
I've re-done how your gold amount is updated, and sped it up. If you have any issues with it let me know.
Lastly, admins have had their map-jumping feature recoded. If you have an issue jumping around, again, let me know!
Other optimizations and bugfixes are also included!

Beta 6
Lotsa good stuff! The speed bug is fixed with the 3-frame animation. In addition, the longstanding "can't heal if you're above level 10" bug is now fixed! Ontop of that, this feature re-does tons of old features so they don't lug the engine down. You may notice some extra speed when you turn corners ;D

Beta 7
This beta contains an important fix for resting.

Beta 8
Happy New Years! This beta includes a smaller, less obtrusive minimap. Also: remember how when you're at a shop, all the spells' class requirements are shouted out at you? They're now on the shop menu, where they should be! Items in general have also had their class requirements added to the menu (long, long overdue). The server now also features a new EXP table! This is more adequate for new players, and curves up and gets harder as your level progresses. Much better than the harder, linear EXP table we had before. Thanks to Duck for this! We should have about 2 more betas and v8 will be ready! Enjoy :3

Beta 9
Hi guys! This beta brings a new 'forget' option for spells (whoo!), finally implements the online guild members feature, rearranges the guild data menu, and allows use of the enter button on the main, login, character, etc screens. It also adds some transparency to the minimap (thanks Duck!).

Beta 10
This beta is my favorite! I've finally untied steelw's gamelogic from the FPS. this means you're going to see a large FPS boost! I've capped it to 32fps, though, but it could go past 100fps if I uncap it. We'll try 32 for now, and see how this pans out. This is going to be pretty buggy, so if you can try it out, please give it a shot and stress test things! Other fixes are some improvements to speed, besides the FPS uncapping.

Beta 11
This beta brings NPC spawning! Admins can now set NPCs to spawn at a certain (X,Y) coordinate via Map Properties (NOT the old, broken NPC Tile Spawn method). Useful for shop NPCs and whatnot. Admins, ask if you need help on this one. The old tile-based NPC spawning will be phased out in the next beta. In addition, the 32fps cap was removed. There is now no cap. If you have any stuttering or game mechanics issues, let me know in this thread.

Beta 12
This beta removes the old NPC spawning feature. This should speed things up considerably.

Beta 13
We've arrived at beta 13! This brings NPC Speech, which lets NPCs have dialogs with the player. It can ask you questions, and you can respond with an array of choices- and this goes back and forth. Our first step towards implementing a quest system, and our solution for creating a plot. :3 This also features new, animated emoticons (thanks, duck!).

Beta 14
A couple bugfixes in this package.

Beta 15
This has a very important bugfix relating to NPC drops stemming from the new NPC Speech feature. As a sidenote, as of this version, spells now work flawlessly, as they were intended. At last :3

Beta 16
Aw yeah. Working parties system. Ya'll will like this. There is no level restriction yet, but there MUST be one. Give me your input on what you think the party level restriction should be (e.g., 10 levels away from each other, 20, etc). Enjoy :3 In addition, I've made it so aggressive spells cause minimum 1 damage (instead of 0) to NPCs. Other bugfixes come as well.

Beta 17
This adds Email registration.

Beta 18
Some bugs fixed. Numerous improvements to FPS and general game responsiveness. AFK Training detection removed (it became a nuisance!).

Beta 19
Polishing some features. Changed credits, added color to server status, and I've moved the Minimap toggle to the Options menu instead of F8. In addtion, there's now an option to cap the FPS in the options menu (to 32), or to leave it uncapped. A scenario for this would be when you don't want steelw occupying all your CPU cycles. You would cap the FPS to 32, and your other apps would have more processing power. Strangely, if you leave it capped, under certain conditions it will lag quite a bit (and yet still say it's running at the full 32fps??). I've noticed this particularly when Adobe Flash is running in a browser. If you uncap the FPS, steelw runs fine. This feature also finalizes support for MySQL.
The significant thing in this version is NEW MUSIC! :D A good friend has provided us with some awesome tunes, and possibly more to come. Check out his stuff if you get the time, it's fantastic. (

Beta 20
I've redone parts of the engine, some of which has allowed me to introduce a great new feature! When you join a party, your fellow teammate's HP and MP bars will now be visible. Great for healers who need to keep track of their party member's HP, and good for members who are relying on healers only to find the healer's MP is too low. I've also fixed a serious load of bugs dealing with parties. Everything should be in working order there, now. Quite a bit was done in this version, so go ahead and try it out and tell us what you think!
This version also moves from MySQL 4 to MySQL 5.

Beta 21
This fixes a few bugs when you switch maps in a party.
I upped the level limit for parties to within 75 levels. If you're curious about how EXP is now shared within parties, the formula is as follows:
Killer of NPC gets 80% of EXP
30% EXP is split among remaining party members.
So this gives us 110% EXP in all.

Beta 22
This beta has a lot! Mainly code cleanups, but a change to the way FPS was capped was made, and it is MUCH SMOOTHER than before (when you cap to 32). I strongly recommend you cap your FPS to 32 to prevent tearing and high CPU usage, now that the cap works well. If you have any FPS problems, let me know. In addition, I've removed a few options from the options menu. They weren't really necessary. Again, code has been cleaned up tremendously. Several bug fixes, as well. Server side, we see similar code cleanups, and a fix to prevent crashing when making new accounts. On both the client and server, several core visual basic functions have been replaced with theoretically faster, more efficient ones. This should see a decent performance gain, as well. Changes to rendering on the client were also made.
Since so many things have changed (most of them undetectable by the average player), please test this one as thoroughly as you can, and let me know if you find any issues!

Beta 23
Oh man, I worked hard on this one. We have a COMPLETELY NEW GUI. I hired an artist to create one for us, and I coded it in. In this version also comes a new targeting system.
This version basically changes steelw as you know it. Strongly recommend to check it out. Screenshots will follow in a new post. Enjoy <3 Also there are now Map, Global, Party, and Guild buttons so you can separate chat.
Also! This version has awesome new chatbubbles by Ducky himself :D

Beta 24
This makes several important changes to the new chatbars. In addition, an issue where steel warrior would steal focus.

Beta 25
This brings us over to a new server, courtesy of a friend! We're still working out some kinks, and you will notice that the server is slower, particularly when moving maps. We hope to work that out, but if we can't, it ultimately won't matter when we release the final v8 version, because maps won't be downloaded anymore when we switch back to MainServ. I've added the developer maps to the client in this version, but if any are changed, you'll have to re-download them with a huge hit in lag.
Let us know if you notice any extreme instability.

Beta 26
This beta fixes repair item, and brings a new Bounty system. Now you can set bounties on fellow players and have them KILLED.
That is all.

Beta 27
Miscellaneous fixes. Beginnings of final touch ups before release. Unfinished volume bar in options. Unfinished options menu. Switches back to old server until the new one is working right.

You MUST register the SSubTmr6.dll included in the zip file. Make sure it's in your Steel Warrior directory, and once it has been extracted, right click it and select "Open With". Click 'Browse.." and navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32\ and find the file "regsvr32.exe" and use that to open the DLL file. The file should now be registered and you can play the new GUI betas.

Server update:
I moved profiles to MySQL now, too. This will erase any previous profile you may have set. Apologies! D:

Once again, for this version, please delete your GUI folder before extracting the file to your /Steel Warrior/ directory.
You'll need a program like 7-zip, Winrar, or Winzip to open the file.

The next betas will add MySQL (done!), particle effects, and Paperdoll.

Accounts/Characters/Banks now are all stored on a web database (no need for a new beta, this is all server-side). This is a slight speed boost, but mostly it's a great organizational change for the engine, and for myself. As an added bonus, it allows accounts to remain persistent between MainServ, DevServ, and TestServ. Not only that, the server's interface and much of its code have been reworked and cleaned up.
The even bigger news is that later today, I'll be releasing the DevServ for public availability. That means you'll get to see new maps, and try out all the great new features!

WHATSUP! The server is ready for your testing.
Just grab the newest beta.

Re: Server Updates/Client Beta!

PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2009 3:22 am
by Fidgety Duck
Hell Gate's first map is no longer blank.
A healing bug has been addressed!
Minor map updates here n' there.


Do be aware of the new in-game emoticons:
/0 = '!'
/1 = '?'
/2 = '♪' happy
/3 = '♥'
/4 = '╬' this one's like, annoyed
/5 = sweatdrop, i think
/6 = scribble (used much like annoyed, /4)
/7 = dot dot dot
/8 = lightbulb
/9 = zzz

These emoticons are ripped straight from RPG Maker VX, with the alpha channel stripped.

Re: Server Updates/Client Beta!

PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2009 9:23 pm
by Magatron
It would be nice if it was online...
i just got everything set up hahah
oh well

Re: Server Updates/Client Beta!

PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2009 5:54 am
by just me
hy did you notice in that SCREENSHOTS there is white NPC up in lava (uper right corner)

Re: Server Updates/Client Beta!

PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2009 5:53 pm
by Fidgety Duck
About half the lava there's walkable, more notably, the less brighter lava.
edit: If you guys want, there's a spare map that seems to be a backup of the old Scorching Void map (minus the lava), we could probably bring it back if the new map is unpopular.

Re: Server Updates/Client Beta!

PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:27 pm
by just me
well you decide what is better cuz i don't remeber how the old one look. and do you know when will server be online? peace

Re: Server Updates/Client Beta!

PostPosted: Fri Jan 01, 2010 4:59 am
by Fidgety Duck
server's on and off for a while.

I've been debating with myself whether or not to have the walkable lava animated or not.
Here's what it looks like with walkable lava i'll be making a better screenshot tomorrow
oh snap i just noticed some unanimated non-walkable tiles brb

Re: Client Beta [10]

PostPosted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 5:55 pm
by Krypt
Looks good. I'll be back later tonight to look into things a bit more. Im sure I have a few ideas.

Although you have stated that you are not looking for features how about some form of flag system that could be used for a quest system. Something that can be a little bit more in dept then what there currently is.


Re: Client Beta [10]

PostPosted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:57 pm
by Magatron
You keep looking at the maps? Is it online for GM's, because it has been offline... ok well looks good!

Re: Client Beta [10]

PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2010 2:27 am
by Toastercup
Yeah, it's been online for admins only. In the next beta, we're gonna let normal players on.

Re: Client Beta [18]

PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:29 am
by Magatron
Cool beans...
oh and the walkable lava should not be moving, it should hard rock...
How many more beta's till version8 comes out? just wondering...:)
PLEASE! Turn it online! That would be amazing... :shock:

Re: Client Beta [18]

PostPosted: Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:20 pm
by Toastercup
Aaaaand it's on :D

Re: Client Beta [18]

PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 10:49 am
by Magatron
Weird...its offline again? :(

Re: Client Beta [18]

PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 11:49 am
by Erisior
wow, its been a long while. I see its offline for now. Oh well =[

Re: Client Beta [18]

PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 3:00 pm
by Toastercup
It's off occasionally when I go to sleep.

It's currently on right now. :D